Quotable Quotes from the Upcoming Release!


Vision of the Griffin’s Heart, book five in the Andy Smithson coming-of-age, epic fantasy series will be released in just 16 days! I’m super excited to share Andy’s latest adventures with you and in honor of the release, I decided to share a few quotable quotes to whet your appetite 🙂

“It’s okay to hurt and cry. It’s how we know we love.” – Queen Emmalee

“There are writer’s blocks in my brain?”
“Of course. We throw them out every so often to keep things interesting.” – Andy’s inneru

Conditioned by Madison, Andy’s mind zipped in every direction as if she’d loosed a balloon full of air before tying it. Deafening sirens pulsed in his brain, Weakness exposed! Weakness exposed!
(can’t you just hear the sirens blaring LOL)

Billowing white vapor crawled down the sloped roof and dropped like whipped cream onto the driveway, making its way toward the street.

“Death is but a doorway to a reality mortal eyes cannot fathom. Only the eternal dares consider the fullness that lies beyond.” – Aray

“We can only do our best to prepare for the future and hope for wisdom to meet its challenges.” – Queen Emmalee

If you plan to order the ebook, it’s available on Amazon now! And for anyone who pre-orders a copy, I’ll send you the first sixteen chapters (of twenty) now!! You’ll get the full ebook on January 13th so you can see how it ends. All you need to do is forward your receipt to BookFiveGiveaway@gmail.com. As soon as I see your receipt, I’ll send you the first sixteen chapters of Vision of the Griffin’s Heart. Please note, I’ll be checking my email regularly, but since I’ll be doing this manually, please bear with me. I promise to respond as quickly as I can.

Happy Adventures!
L. R. W. Lee

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