Tony the Phony, What’s Next?

tony-the-phony-and-the-northern-woodsI don’t know if you’ve ever read an interactive book where your choice determines what happens next in the story but,  the ten-year-old son of a good author friend of mine, has written such a book as part of a homeschool project. He’s titled it Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods and I get to bring a part of this adventure to you for a little fun. Go to  to begin at the beginning.

The Result of Your Choice…

“We better stay with the pilot,” said Ed.

They crawled to the front of the plane, ripping away pieces of the crumpled wreckage. The pilot lay on the floor all bloody and bruised. They bandaged him up. Then the pilot said, “I think I’ve had a heart attack. I need help.”

“Can we use your phone?” asked Ed.

The pilot handed him a broken phone.

Ed tried to call. “It’s dead.”

Tony said, “We’ll have to find help on foot.”

So they left the plane and found a road in the woods. They were trying to find a house, but didn’t see any. They did find a little girl on her bike. 

“Do you live around here?”

She wouldn’t answer.

“Do you know where a house is?”

She started to ride away.

They knew they needed help, so they tricked her. “Hey little girl, did you see the cat down in the ditch?” asked Tony.

“No, where?”

“Right there.”

Then the little girl got off the bike to see the cat.

“Quick, let’s get the bike,” whispered Tony.

“All right. You sit in the basket and I’ll pedal,” said Tony.

“No, let’s swap.”

“Fine, you can pedal,” said Ed. A mile later, they were still arguing and didn’t see a Road Closed sign. Suddenly, they were falling.

They hit the ground. Bam! “Where are we?” asked Tony.

Ed reached into his backpack, pulled out a flashlight, and shone it down a tunnel. “I think we fell into an old copper mine. The tunnel must have collapsed.”

Out of the darkness they heard a rustling like wings. Ed saw red eyes and screamed, “Vampire bats!” And then they were surrounded.

Should Ed and Tony make a stand, or should they run down the tunnel? If they should stand, click here. If they should run, click here.


About the Author: “T-Man” co-authored his first Kindle book at age 8 and ran his first 5K at age 10. He likes the Detroit Lions and monster trucks. He loves to visit Great Wolf Lodge with his cousins, and he’s conquerered every roller coaster at Cedar Point. He has no idea what he wants to do when he grows up, but he hopes it includes eating a lot of popcorn.

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