Review of Pestilence by Laura Thalassa

2018-03-17_14-07-20My 5-Star Review of Pestilence by Laura Thalassa

Pestilence was awesome! LOL! That sounds so funny to say it like that.

Where do I even begin? At its most fundamental level, it could be said not much happens–Pestilence, a cold, hard nosed guy goes around the USA and Canada doing what he was sent by God to do: spread plague on humans. He can only see how awful mankind is and abhors humans.

The entire action is composed of traveling, barging down doors of occupied or unoccupied houses to stay there, watching people succumb to the plague, and conversation. You’d think such a simple backdrop would be a tad uneventful, or boring even. Yes, you might think so.

But Pestilence is anything but. Laura takes the seemingly simple and uneventful and leverages it to really work the development of both Sara (a female firefighter) and Pestilence, the main bad dude. She begins with the obvious physical beauty of the bad boy, which Sara wants to but can’t resist, and moves so much deeper into a character study of the human race. Thalassa challenges the stereotypes of hateful and prejudicial and even evil human nature and allows Pestilence to get beyond to experience the good in us. Sara is of course, our main bad boy’s primary subject of study, and as they both fall in love–and try to deny said love–they both grow in ways they never imagined.

In the end, I saw this book as a salute to the wonderful human beings among us, so fitting in light of the news these days.

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