• Middle Grade/Young Adult Epic Adventure

    A middle grade/young adult coming-of-age, epic fantasy adventure series set in medieval times with knights, magic, and mythical creatures galore.

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  • Young Adult Fantasy Romance

    Kickass warrior angel. Secret love interest. Friends to lovers romance. Playful banter. End-of-the-world prophecy. Dragons!

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  • New Adult Fantasy Romance

    Two series, The Sand Maiden and God of Secrets, feature retellings of Greek gods (Morpheus & Harpocrates) like you’ve never heard before.

    Bond mates, strong heroine, playful banter, fated mates, save the world consequences.

Fantasy Romance Author

L. R. W. Lee is an author of epic fantasy romance and a USA Today Bestselling author who enjoys writing epic fantasy and as such has authored 19 books and counting! She writes “books with soul” as she calls them, because that’s how her characters always find themselves, vulnerable, in intimate situations that are raw/real. Yes, be glad you’re not them, LOL.

She runs on coffee. Her biggest pet peeve is dangling sentences. She loves puns and laughing. She could sit and watch kinetic art for hours. But her greatest enjoyment is reading. She hasn’t watched TV in years because she would rather let her mind imagine things than have a writer tell her what a scene looks like.

Check out all the books her active imagination has dreamed up.

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