Recently #ThanksgivingIn5Words trended on Twitter. Among the plethora of submissions a few I thought were particularly fun and poignant included: Family isn’t here, that’s nice Real men kill their turkey Have the Cowboys lost yet? Stuck at the kiddie table. Coerced family reunion and gluttony. Loud music drowns out relatives. So stuffed, must lay down Instead of Turkey, Pardons Hillary (referring to POTUS) First world … Continue reading #ThanksgivingIn5Words

My Second Father

1949: The boy peered out from his hiding place as the soldiers grabbed Father and lead him away—every fiber of his being longed to cry out at the injustice, but he dared not. Father’s crime: graduating from an American university, St. John’s University in Shanghai, the Harvard of China. And now the Communists considered him a threat to their new power and they imprisoned folks … Continue reading My Second Father

The Inspiring Parents of Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman Jr.

I live in Texas, so you will understand when I say I do not follow the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve never been to Washington State. In fact, the closest I’ve come to anything related to Seattle is watching umpteen “Fraiser” episodes. So it may surprise you when I say I’ve fallen in love with the parents of fullback Derrick Coleman, but it’s true. You may recall a moving Duracell … Continue reading The Inspiring Parents of Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman Jr.