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Your reward is an excerpt from my WIP that absolutely no one has seen! It was such a fun part of Damned to write as, imagine that Lucifer used the magic of fire to bring the Library of Alexandria to his realm rather than allow humans to continue building on their wisdom, in order to keep us in the dark and easier to influence.

Setting: At Morningstar Academy with Dree and her friends


No matter how it happened, the humble booknerd in me will never get over the fact that I’m about to take in human history that I thought had vanished thousands of years ago.

“Go ahead, Dree.” Ambrielle wears a huge grin when I turn. My bookworm buddy knows exactly what I’m thinking.

She puts a hand on my arm. “I never get used to it.”

I want to squee… but resist, just barely.

“Where should we look first?” Nisroc stops beside me.

“I… I…” I bring a shaky hand to my forehead as I take in the large open space with desks for scribes, converted for use by students, and the ornate painted ceiling, crowning three floors of beautifully carved stone.

Dante chuckles on my other side. “Give her a minute.”

The place is incredible. I’ve seen some amazing things in my immortal cherub life, but this has to come close to the top. A smattering of students lean in to cubbies of scrolls, that measure my height and taller. Row upon row of them stand back to back like shelves in a library.  I can imagine a host of ancient Egyptians dressed in their long robes, hunched over the center tables studying scrolls or searching through stacks of them.

Dante’s hand on my shoulder brings me back. “You ready?” he whispers, because it’s a library.

Only now do I realize it’s just the two of us.

My mentor chuckles. “And here I thought Ambrielle was a bookworm.”

I roll my eyes, but he’s right. Guilty as charged.

Leaning in and keeping his voice low, he says, “Ambrielle is looking for prophecies even though that seems too obvious, Bethor has anything to do with multi-horned dragons, and Nisroc is looking for odd geologic events of Earth.”

“What’s that leave for you and me?”I keep my voice soft.

“We…” He lets it hang. “… are going to horse around a bit.” He wags his eyebrows.

I furrow my brow.

He holds up a hand. “Trust me.”


So one must ask, what are they researching? And why is such an ancient library necessary? How did such a library end up on Morningstar Academy’s campus?

Hum… (lol)

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