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I’m so excited to share with you about the upcoming release of Lullaby, the second book in The Sand Maiden series (people have called the series a unique and original mashup of The Sandman and Morpheus myths)!

On this page, you’ll find a whole host of giveaways, as well as learn more about Lullaby! This page includes:

  • Information about Lullaby
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  • A C.N. Crawford Giveaway
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  • and a very cool Magic Circle Pocket Watch Giveaway!

Let’s start this off with some exciting info about this upcoming paranormal romance release!

She sacrificed her immortality to save her dream charge; now she’s the crown’s dog in the fight of her life.

Sand Maiden Alissandra flees Dream realm to protect the crown prince from her father’s nefarious schemes. She prays he can’t track her down, but her father isn’t the only danger to her and Wake realm.

Prince Kovis Altairn, the most powerful sorcerer in the Altairn Empire, knows nothing about Dream realm, let alone his sand maiden. So when Ali is discovered naked in his bedroom, she’s accused of being a spy. Now she must convince him of her intentions…as well as the danger they’re all in…before it’s too late.

The Sand Maiden is a four-book NA Epic Fantasy Romance series with YA appeal. If you loved Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses, Elise Kova’s Air Awakens, and/or Amanda Bouchet’s Kingmaker Chrnicles you’ll definitely love this. 

NOTE: If you haven’t read Rock-A-Bye Baby, Book One in The Sand Maiden series, that’s okay. Lullaby does not require that you’ve read it first to make sense.

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Thank you so much for purchasing Lullaby! You can forward your order receipt to linda.r.w.lee@gmail.com to request a free gift! I’m giving away your choice of either a free copy of my novel Blast of the Dragon’s Fury or a Rock-A-Bye Baby coloring page to everyone who has purchased!


Enter to win these books for FREE!

To celebrate the release of Lullaby, I’m giving away two books for free via Amazon from two of my favorite authors! (Giveaways are available for US only–sorry, it’s Amazon)



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New to The Sand Maiden series?

Experience the series folks are saying is “a unique and original mashup of the Sandman and Morpheus myths we all knew growing up. It’s unexpected twists and turns leave you breathless!”

My father planned to exploit humans…

How could he turn on them?

… he’d woven their dreams for eons. 

I had to stop him. I would. I set my jaw.

My heart had ignored my family’s rules to keep my relationship with my human dream charge at arm’s length and had drawn me closer to the prince than they’d approve—they couldn’t fathom the special bond we shared and no one need know. 

So it wasn’t a choice, I’d never let Father hurt my prince, much less any human.

Knowing Father, it would cost me dearly. How much? I’d no idea. 

I just prayed I could endure it, because my heart could bare nothing less.

You’ll love this sweet dreams, gods-versus-mortals fairy tale retelling (a refreshingly unique and original fusion of the Sandman and Morpheus myths) because every heart longs to believe love is enough to endure the toughest of times. 

Get it now.  

“Lee’s story telling is wonderful and she creates such a vivid world that you wish was real.” – Kiersten Burke, Reviewer ★★★★★

“Fantastically inspiring and emotionally driven… It’s unpredictable twists leave you breathless!” – Courtney Belaire, Reviewer ★★★★★

on Amazon for just $.99 for limited time
(Free in Kindle Unlimited)