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No one says, no, to the king...

so when Morpheus, god of dreams and king of Dream Realm,

starts pressuring 

his dreamweaver daughter Alissandra to help him conquer mortal dreams, 

she flees Dream Realm for Wake Realm. 

She's not about to help him make humans mindless slaves to bolster the power trip he's on.

Both their hearts are wounded...

Dreamweaver Alissandra is immortal and

wasn’t supposed to fall in love 

with her human dream charge,
but he’s the first to 

understand her pain.

Alissandra's human dream charge, Prince Kovis Altairn, has experienced his share of 

gut-wrenching loss and betrayal 

and has erected barriers to protect his wounded heart--while these barriers guard, they also 

prevent him from experiencing love

But in fleeing Dream, Ali couldn’t anticipate...

that political opponents in the prince’s kingdom will use her 

as a pawn 

in their quest to usurp power from the monarchy. Sensing the prince has more than a passing interest in the new arrival, they 

force her into a brutal competition 

that only the winner will walk away from.

Lullaby Sample Audio

"The whole idea of dreams and the Sandman was absolutely engaging. I mean, we all know who Mr. Sandman is, and Lullaby took that whole idea to the next level... This was definitely one of the best worlds I entered this year!" - Brittany Gingerich, Amazon Reviewer

"I was blown away by this series. I absolutely loved everything about it." - Deb T, Goodreads Reviewer

"I lied to myself so many times when I said 'just one more chapter'." - Jamie Hejduk, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

"I don't think there is a book L. R. W. Lee has written that I don't love!!!" - Debbie Shropshire, Amazon Reviewer

"Addictive, captivating, dynamic, and (well..) ENCHANTING! It was a complete page turner!" - Brittany G., Amazon Reviewer

"The story was magical and breathtaking. I was sucked in like a funnel draining into a world of unique creativity that I did not wish to find my way out of. Currently my favorite recent read and I will be suggesting it to all my bookish friends and family!" - Samantha Zeman, Amazon Reviewer