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Secrets and Truth both have a price.

Pellucid Rose discovered her parentage only to find that her homeland, the Empire of Glass, is dying. But a messenger from the Ancient One appears and informs her that all is not lost. The catch? Only she can stop Glass’s destruction by rebalancing the First Ring, the source of all Truth. No pressure, but she has no idea where the ring is, let alone how to fix it.

Making matters worse, despite securing a promise from the emperor of Glass that he will suspend all hostilities toward Secrets, secrets continue leaking, exacerbating an already tense situation that threatens the very existence of the Empire of Secrets. What’s new? Only Pell can stop it.

With the fates of Glass and Secrets resting on her shoulders, what sacrifices will Pell be forced to make to save the universe?

Empire of Darkness is the fourth and final book in the enthralling God of Secrets paranormal fantasy series. Fans of Sarah J. Maas, K. F. Breene, and Laura Thalassa will adore USA Today Bestselling author L. R. W. Lee’s vulnerable, intimate, and gritty tale of fierce mythical creatures, magical adventures, and unique ancient myth retellings.

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4 reviews for Paperback of Empire of Darkness (Autographed)

  1. 🎧Mandy🎧 Sawyer 🎧Audiobook 🎧Obsession🎧 Reviewer🎧

    Reviewed on Amazon by 🎧Mandy🎧 Sawyer 🎧Audiobook 🎧Obsession🎧 Reviewer🎧 in the United States on September 3, 2021
    What an ending. This world has given me hours of entertainment. With such a big world to get to know it’s written very well. Sarah has brought these characters alive so very well.

  2. Mysticmuse1979

    Reviewed on Amazon by Mysticmuse1979 in the United States on August 29, 2021
    A great book
    Makes you crave more. I’m glad there was a fourth book. I got this copy through the author and this is my honest and voluntary review.

  3. escritora

    Reviewed on Amazon by escritora in the United States on August 24, 2021
    Pellucid Rose started out working on ancient sites and she’s made brilliant archaeological discoveries. She’s unleashed a sphinx. She’s met the God of Secrets and accompanied him to discover how secrets are sealed. She’s been kidnapped and visited the Empire of Glass where she discovered heartbreaking secrets about her past. As she learns more, she has even more questions. One thing she knows is that she and Harpoc have to find a way to seal secrets for good so no one is ever hurt again. When the Ancient One presents himself to Harpoc and Pell, she understands that it’s up to her to try to restore the original ring, even if it means her death. The story becomes fraught with angst and tension. I had no idea if she could come back to life and my tears fell when it appeared that she was dead. The ending is remarkable in its ability to bring all the characters together and wrap up their stories. It’s obvious that Pell is the catalyst of good and clarity in the world. With Harpoc at her side, there is no end to the positive changes they can bring to the Empires with hopes that there will never, again, be a secret that needs to be sealed. This is an exceptional series and I only wish there were at least one more book! A wonderful epilogue is available through the author’s website and it puts an exclamation point on the story.
    Once again, Sarah Kisko does a wonderful job with the narration. Her dynamic voice is clear and emotive and she uses just the right intonation and cadence to bring the characters to life.

  4. trufriends

    Reviewed on Amazon by trufriends in the United States on August 23, 2021
    What was Pell willing to sacrifice for the ones she loves in this book we learn as the two fractions come to a head. Just wow you learn what is important when things happen to those you love.

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