Cursed Deluxe Book Box.


Cursed Deluxe Book Box


Coming September 2023! There are only 24 left so don’t wait to pre-order this deluxe edition book box!

Engage your senses. Enjoy the sounds of crackling wood as your heavenly scented candle burns, giving your room a peaceful, celestial aroma. Appreciate the beauty of Agni Mirindu’s illustrated art with this gorgeous page overlay. And feel a connection with the author with an artful signed bookmark, and more!


What your order includes:
Deluxe edition book box: (1) signed deluxe edition hardback, (1) signed book mark, (1) gorgeous illustrated art print, (1) amazing page overlay, (1) heavenly scented wood wick candle, (1) Cursed post-it notes


Due to the personalized and made to order nature of many of many items, I am unable to accept returns as a standard practice. That said, it is my goal that every buyer is happy with their items. So if, for any reason, you find yourself unhappy with your purchase, please contact me (L. R. W. Lee) so we can find a resolution.



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  • Depending on shipping selections and items, some swag and books might not ship together in the same package.

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 9 × 5 in


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