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Morningstar Academy’s three primary objectives:
1) exercise power and control over humans,
2) seduce humans to betray what they care about, and
3) make human lives a living hell

Consequences be damned! The newest student, fallen angel Gladriel and her former squadron leader Kessian are in a race against time, struggling to find an ancient prophecy foretelling the purge of a quarter of humanity. But the four horsemen of the Apocalypse—war, famine, plague, and death—aren’t waiting for them to locate and decipher the cryptic tome before they begin.

Lucifer seethes with fury, nursing his wounds after the pummeling his troops took in the vicious assault he orchestrated on Israel. Far from retreating, he plots his revenge upon all who dare oppose him, raising up a human leader under the guise of peace to accomplish his nefarious schemes.

The clock is ticking. Yet, every step forward is met with obstacles they are powerless to control. Will Glad and her friends find the prophecy and discover the means to thwart it before it engulfs the world and her new home in its destructive clutches?

If you love Penryn & the End of Days series by Susan Ee​​​​​​​, Angel series by L. A. Weatherly, and Fallen Academy by Leia Stone this book will become your next obsession.

Buy Damned to continue the darkly addicting Morningstar Academy series today!

Praise for Damned:

“OMG! I already want the next one!” – Keeley Catarineau, Hot Tree Editor

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Paperback, Hardcover

4 reviews for Damned Hardcover (Autographed)

  1. Melissa Hatcher

    I have to start by saying how much I appreciate LRW Lee’s writing style. I love a well written book and I really enjoy fantasy and the combination is not always easy to find. But I will always pick up a book by this author.

    The world building is amazing as usual. After Cursed, I was excited to see where Glariel was going to head on her journey though her new life as a “Fallen”. I love that she has stayed true to herself and even helped others to see a different perspective.

    I was even a bit presumptuous in my thinking and I am happy to report I was wrong. Which is another trait I love about this author. Just when you think you have it figured out she takes a turn you did not expect and I can really appreciate not being able to have it all figured out from the get go, then its pretty boring! And nobody wants that.

    I also really love all the “Easter eggs” in this second book in the Morningstar Academy series. It is a fun puzzle to try and put together. And while we still have to wait to see what happens, it is fun to go on this journey and try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

  2. Margarita Rose

    Exciting and heart pounding read. Glad is in trouble and disobeyed God. Now she must deal with the ramifications of her actions. Her previous squad decide to try and help her to return to heaven and her new classmates are caught up right in the drama.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  3. Debbie

    So….once again I now have to wait to find out what happens. Which I am thoroughly invested in. This book caught me off guard. I thought I knew where it was going but I was left field on this. When they started talking about ‘ the prophecy” it peaked my curiosity, once i figured out what it was about i was hooked.. Lee’s take on it is absolutely mesmerizing. I read a similar series and it was fantastic but I’m truly loving this perspective too. His was from a humans perspective but Lee’s is from an Angel’s perspective which is what threw me off but captured me so deeply I literally couldn’t stop reading, Its not only fascinating, it truly was educational. Like I know how it all is written but this helped me understand it a little differently, which just made it more interesting to me. The fact that the Angels are searching for the prophecy really threw me because I imagined they were well aware of what Gods plan was. When Glad fell I was horribly angry but like everything in life its all “part of Gods plan.”. I thought that waiting on book 2 was tough but I think waiting for book 3 will be agonizing because now that I’m on the same page I want to see how this all plays out. Its such an interesting twist on “the prophecy” that I am truly invested . Also I kept looking for the Creed of Johanes to see if it was a real thing. Sort of. Haha. Johanes is translated to John. So is it the Book of John? How do the angels not know about this? Why was it hidden in a hidden library?
    I also love how Glad goes to the academy and changed her teams lives and perspectives and commitments. Due to her relentless stubbornness to refuse to harm humans she gains her teams respect and trust and now they are following the same path, which eventually leads to the Almighty stepping in when she’s just leaves and goes to help “her” angel. Love it! The fact that the Almighty and the archangel Michael not only know about Kessien and Gladriel but are okay with it too is so very heartwarming.
    I’m excited to see where she goes with this. Do they stop the prophecy? Do they get absolved and get to go back to Heaven…well the Heaven with the angels. If I remember correctly its third Heaven. Is there a budding romance waiting in the wings, pun intended , between Issra and Astread? Enquiring minds wanna know!!!! Hahahaha.
    P.S. I loved that Lee used Elijah and Enoch and how she used them. They have always been my favorite’s. The fact that they didn’t technically die but that God just took them to Heaven. To be so greatly favored by the Almighy like that … I just can’t even describe it.

  4. Buffy

    To say that I was very excited to get back to the world L. R. W. Lee left us in from book one is an understatement! There was a smooth transition into “Damned” as there is a quick recap at the beginning of the book of what previously happened. I like that a lot since life gets too hectic to remember everything!
    My favorite character is Dante, and I was encouraged to see his character development over the course of “Damned.” He has substance, not just a bad attitude.
    The angel squad continue to show their love and support for Glad as she makes friends with the fallen. It’s good to read a book that enforces standing up for others, no matter what decisions put them in their current situation; or the side they’re on.
    I can’t wait for book 3 to see how the angels fair as they continue to unravel the mysterious prophecy!

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