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50 reviews for eBook of Lullaby – Save 21% over Amazon!

  1. Nikki Wrey

    “I’d given everything I had. Just as Kovis had. He’d made good on his promise, ‘Best for best.’ But I wasn’t sure my best would ever be good enough.” – Ali. This is a very interesting new realm that the author created. Although my problem with this book is that I did not immediately connect with the story line and the characters as much as I expected I would. It had a very slow build and it was not until I was about 60-70% through that I was actually finally feeling it . The book takes place in the Dream and Wake Realms and was told through Alissandra and Kovis’ POVs. I found I enjoyed reading more from Kovis point of view. The world building, the storytelling, and the dialogues were not very seamless, sometimes I would get lost and confused with the pacing; I just think there were some plot holes that I couldnt quite grasp at the moment. By the end of the book, I still felt like nothing much really happened. But needless to say, the story has so much potential in that the main characters are very intriguing. I wish I got more of Ali and her beautiful and strong relationship with her sister, Velma. Ali’s Father, on the other hand, scares me to death. The royals Princes Kovis and Kennan, and their sister, the Empress Rasa have very dark and painful pasts yet inspiring enough to warrant my sympathy and respect, in spite of what they have become after a destructive past. I liked the dynamics of their characters very much. But it is with Kennan that I am most invested in. Even though he was rude and disdainful at the beginning, I was freaking spellbound by his personality (not mentioning further spoilers here). I wish to have more of him in the next books. I got more engaged during the latter chapters when some action finally happened. There’s just so many things I loathe about the main character, Ali, at the beginning, so I somewhat rejoiced at what she had become later on more focused, a little less naive, confident, and braver. With that very shocking ending, I have high hopes that the next installments will fulfill my expectations, so I am looking forward to what more awaits these amazing and unique realms!

  2. Claire

    Note: I received a revised edition from the author. I did like the original version and was left wanting to know what came next. That being said, I did have some problems, but they were addressed in the revised edition, changing my review from 3 to 4 stars*. I absolutely loved the premise of the book and was completely on board after reading the summary. How could I say no to a story about a Sand Maiden? I wasn’t sure what to expect while reading the original, but it wasn’t what I got, and I mean that in a good way. Ali gives up everything she knows, life as an immortal princess, to become a mortal to help her dream charge, who she’s come to love, save Wake realm from her father. She has to overcome obstacles, both internal and external all while adjusting to a world she’s mildly familiar with (thanks to weaving dreams for her charges) and avoiding the notice of her father and his mares. Lullaby presents an honest, caring, and adaptive heroine. Ali is also quite strong, combating and overcoming her own self-doubt and years of psychological abuse at the hands of a manipulative father. Lullaby has an interesting world, likable characters and a really cool magic system and I can’t wait to continue with the series.

  3. Bo0kSl0th

    It’s an interesting storyline that takes chaos between two realms, the Dream and the Waking realm, and blends them with the growing uneasy between the “blessed magiced” people and the non- magic people. Caught in the middle are Kovis and Ali, each from different realms, but with a bond that defies logic. Fleeing her father’s evil machinations, Ali soon finds herself once again just another piece in someone else’s game. But with Kovis at her, she just might survive. It’s a story that holds possibilities and intrigue going forward.

  4. Jamie and Heather Hejduk

    Lullaby blends excitement and romance to weave a story that draws you in and makes it hard to put down at night (I lied to myself so many times when I said ‘just one more chapter.’ It is also a story of overcoming abuse, coming out stronger than thought to be possible. I loved how the story unfolded, usually from Ali’s viewpoint, but occasionally from Kovis’s. The character development of Ali, Kovis, and even Kennan is extremely well done. I really found myself caring about what happened to the characters and really rooting for a happy ending. The end is clearly a set up for a third book in the series, but still is satisfying?? for now. I highly recommend reading this book to older teens and up.

  5. Kindle Customer,Yuki

    I loved this story. It was a passionate and unusual New Adult book. Although the title page says its book 2, It really is book 1. This is the first book I have read by L. R. W. Lee and it looks like he (she?) has written many. Mostly YA books about fantasy. This fantasy book was well written and engaging with great world world building. It was also fast paced and exciting.

  6. Sissy

    From Dream to Wake, immortal gods and goddesses to mortal sorcerers and insorcelled, a realm without magic to a land blessed with it by the mysterious Canyon, the universe that L.R.W. Lee created is teeming with endless possibilities. That potential is what drove me through this first installment in The Sand Maiden chronicle, and while I did find a fair share of characters that I took a particular shine to namely, Kennan it was the backdrop, the setting, that intrigued me the most and kept me coming back for more. The revised edition offered to me tackled a lot of the issues brought up upon the novels initial release, and while there are still a few rough edges needing a bit of polish, Lullaby cements itself as a romance-flavored fantasy in the vein of Sarah J. Maas’ Court series.

  7. Debbie Shropshire

    I don’t think there is a book she has written that I don’t like so far!!! I put this on my TBR list. Wished I had read it sooner. Am so glad there’s a second book out to continue this fantastic story. I’m totally rooting for these two. Lol. I don’t like giving anything away but this is a must read. It’s different from anything I have read which makes it more fun. Coming from an abusive family I felt like I could relate to the characters and feel their pain but celebrate their victories too!! I adore you Me Lee!!!

  8. MeeNa Vang

    Beautiful cover and interesting storyline. I love the idea of sand-woman but I don’t like books where the main character is already in love with the main guy right at the start. I love that push and pull attractions before the two characters actually confessed their love for each other. It makes a book more interesting. Overall, it was a fun read.

  9. Nicole Lawrence

    This book doesn’t disappoint and let’s you jump right in where the first left off. Both Ali and Kovis are characters I could connect too. Each for their own reasons. The words provided images so I could immerse myself in the world of magic, love, struggle and sand! Some of the content is a little heavy I will admit but it shapes the characters and allowed me to connect with their troubled past which I found to make them more relatable. It has me hungry for the thrid book which comes out soon! Really enjoyed this book and would recommend!

  10. Buffy

    Have you ever gotten into a situation that made you think “why me?” In this book, Ali truly learns what it means to ask herself this question over and over. However, she is a determined woman that tends to surround herself with people she loves and they encourage her. A story of hurt, betrayal, (if you’ve gone through either, just hang in there with the story, it gets better), healing, compassion, and finally love, Lullaby will keep you wondering when things will ever slow down enough to let our lovers finally enjoy each other.

  11. OLIVIA

    A must read. I really like the plot it’s different from many others with a twist. Can’t wait for the next book.

  12. Jamie Scott-Williams

    Very creative. It’s a great depiction of a fantasy world. Love that it keeps little similarities to earth but gives its own explanations as to why things are the way that they are… Ali is consistent in her personality and charm throughout the story. Nice!!

  13. MMG

    This read got me hooked on the series! Now I’m waiting for book 2!

  14. Larry K.

    Lee has created sword and sorcerer world that features a unique twist to an old fable AND a new magical system. The heroes and heroines sometimes do villainous things (and maybe vice versa as well) in a way that leaves you wondering at the end of every chapter about what will come next!

  15. Wrighten

    I loved the Ali was the pursuer and Kovis was more of the emotional one In the relationship. This was a interesting take on the Sandman stories. I looked forward to reading of Ali’s and Kovis story.

  16. Kindle Customer

    The book was funny and made me laugh on several different occasions. Though I did think it is bit childish for an adult book mixed with some adult content.

  17. Katya B

    I enjoyed this book, hope there are more to come.

  18. Adriana Pena

    This book is great i can’t wait for book 2!

  19. Jessica Paratchek

    There are two big things to be mentioned when reviewing this book. One is that it is a romance story. I had to somewhat reorganize my expectations about five chapters into it because I did not know the romance would be a main plot point. Once I did realized that though I started to enjoy the journey a bit more if that makes sense. Nothing wrong with a good romance fantasy, in fact they are some of my favorites! I just like it better when I know that going into the book and I feel that other readers might agree. The second is that its a slow burner. I found myself wishing for more detail in the very beginning, wanting to know more about Ali and her life before she came to Wake Realm. Since this is not a stand alone I think and hope that perhaps the second book will show more of Ali’s memories of her past life and the world that she comes from! The plot does pick up a lot around the 40% mark so I would suggest giving the book an honest chance until that point! There are some really beautiful shining moments within and I had several different highlighted quotes. With these things being said the book is quite lovely and I fell in love with the main character, Alissandra. There is a lot of room for Ali to grow into a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to seeing that happen in the next book! SPOILERS AHEAD A note about the Prince: I don’t like him! Sorry! Just can’t get behind that ship but you know what? The one I REALLY love? Kennan! His inner struggle is very relatable and I most definitely wanted him and Ali to end up together! I’m still rooting for him and keeping my fingers crossed that he’s not out of the game. I found him so much more agreeable than his brother and I am very much looking forward to his roll in the next book. Other notable things: I was SO happy that the author included Ali having her first period! Honestly as a woman the VERY first thing I thought of when she discovered her new body was:When is her first period going to happen? It may sound strange but authors including these sort of things in books is important. It adds a dose of reality into a book of fantasy which helps readers connect to the characters more. And man did it. I felt so much for Ali discovering what a period is, being horrified she had to keep doing it month after month. That was my reaction too Ali, I feel you girl, I really do. Favorite Scene: Midsummer Night Feast! Hands down the best moments in the book! It was a moment that I felt the reader finally got a good idea of the culture and traditions of the new world Ali has (literally) fallen into! And the fact that the Prince was being a poo face and my sweet Kennan was showing Ali around definitely did not hurt. Yes, I loved that entire thing. Summary: This book is for you if you are seeking a light romance fantasy read that includes magic, action, some sexy time and self discovery!

  20. Georgia McNabb

    I purchased and listened to this on Audible books. Wow! I was surprised by how some reviewers disliked this Story. Our MC a Sandmaiden gives up her Immortality to be away from a Power Hungery abusive father and to be with the dream being she has been assigned since before his birth. She has also developed strong feelings for this Dream being named Kovis. While Kovis and Kennan dealt with their father, after he lost his wife In childbirth delivering the twins and became abusive. The Twins try to protect their sister from continuous Parental sexual abuse. This is the background of this story and goes forward from there. Narrator does a good job with the characters and storyline.

  21. Ally

    *I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.* Before beginning the review, I want to start off with being clear that this book contains sexual abuse and physical abuse triggers. That being said I was delightfully surprised with this story. To be honest, the first two chapters I found difficult to get into. You’re thrown into the main characters mind and even she is confused about what is going on. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, please stick it out! The confusion clears and this book roped me in to the point I couldn’t put it down! The two main characters had both experienced an abundance of abuse and this has fundamentally changed and hardened them. Lullaby does not glorify the abuse, but rather paints it in a realistic light of the trials and tribulations that survivors face when attempting to move on with their life. This alone is an incredibly powerful and sensitive message to deliver, but done with immense tact by L. R. W. Lee. This books earns 4 stars from me, purely because the of the confusing beginning to the book. The romance, friendships and everything following was strong and had me immersed in the plot. A big reveal at the end of the book has me excited to see what the sequel will bring!

  22. Sarah H.

    Tragic pasts and reluctance to communicate are de rigeur for nearly all the characters, but I appreciated how each one – particularly Alissandra – was able to learn and grow and become better all-around people. Ali starts the book naive, headstrong, and unwilling to admit any shortcomings. It was those traits that actually made the plot move so slowly for me at the beginning, rather than any troubles with pacing or worldbuilding. I had such a hard time connecting to her in any way. Fortunately, she vastly improves throughout the course of the story – which is why I not only finished the book, but enjoyed it. The differing Wake and Dream realms are a fascinating new type of fantastic setting. The dichotomy of the how each realm works was wonderfully constructed. I am looking forward to the next installment in Alissandra and Kovis’s tale. I received an eARC for free from BookSirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

  23. escritora

    What a fabulous story! Lullaby takes place in an adult fantasy world where our imaginations are all we need. This is the story of a young, immortal SandMaiden in Dream Realm who weaves thoughts through dreams each night for her human prince so that he may sleep soundly. Alissandra is a SandMaiden whose father is a despot god who wants to control the human charges from Wake Realm, but Ali fights him and she won’t let him take Prince Kovis from her. She has every intention of following Kovis to the Wake Realm, and safety, even if it means becoming mortal. She and Kovis successfully escape to Wake Realm, but Ali has to learn how to live in a body she doesn’t recognize and a land that bears no resemblance to her own. Ali and Kovis have a special bond and she has known all of his dreams from even before he was born. He is the most powerful person in the Realm, but Ali’s just discovering her new powers. They’re unlike anything she knew as an immortal, and her life is going to depend on how well she can learn to use them. The characters are all multi-layered and the pace is perfect from the first page to the last.
    Sarah Kisko does a phenomenal job with the narration. Her dynamic and well-modulated voice gives each of the characters an individual attitude and unique personality as she brings them to life.

  24. Carolyn D.

    L. R. W. Lee creates a lush, terrifying and somehow beautiful world, permeated with tones of fantasy and mythology altogether, with well-defined and descriptive writing. Lee, illuminates our minds and imagination with tales of royalty, chaos, and magic. In a world full of magic, wings, and dreams, we followed Ali, a sand maiden, daughter of Sandman. But being a sand maiden does not guarantee that no harm is to be done especially if it is your father who is the cruel evil in which you must protect yourself and others against. Ali leaves the Dream world to save her charge prince Kovis and the world of Wake. But no one said it would be easy in the land of Wake. The magic and people are different and Ali must now find a way to adjust while stopping her father’s plan before he destroys all of what she has come to love, including the prince. All in all, a wonderful book full of magic, adventure and darkness. The cover art by Charlie Bowater is stunning and is what interested me into to taking a chance on this extraordinary read. High Recommended for all those who love stories like “ A Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah Maas or “The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black, or people who simply like Fantasy. I think everyone should give this book a chance.

  25. Brittany Gingerich

    Oh Em Gee You guys! I was super excited to find out I was chosen to review this book! I’ve been following the author ever since I found out about it. I was so thrilled. Lullaby is addictive, captivating, dynamic, and (well..) ENCHANTING! Lullaby was a complete page turner! This is a NA book with YA appeal. So, basically 18+, but in all honesty, if you are old enough to handle Sarah J Mass books then this one is right up your alley. The whole idea of dreams and Sandman was absolutely engaging. I mean, we all know who Mr. Sandman is, so Lullaby took that whole idea to the next level, with Ali. She is the Sand Maiden to Prince Kolvis. Providing dreams to her Dreambean. What can go wrong? Haha nothing really. Ali’s father just wants to use Dream Realm’s folks to power over Wake Realm to control them. What better way than controlling their sleep. In Ali’s attempt to be free of her Father’s torment, she escapes Dream Realm with just her life. Which is no longer immortal, and now she is human. How is Prince Kolvis going to rest now that his Sand Maiden has escaped her Realm? What other tricks does Ali’s Father have up his sleeve? Who is he really? Will Ali ever escape his torment? Lullaby is packed with adventure and action from start to finish. Never a dull moment. Lee took us into a new world that was incredible and breath taking. Honestly could not put this down until I finished it. This was definitely one of the best world I entered this year! I would reccommend this to all my bookish friends. I really enjoyed this. The characters are interesting, entertaining, and intriguing. Lullaby was a complete page-turner. I loved it from start to finish. This book had it all: Epic action scenes, Romance, Magic, Adventure, and Powerful. If i could use one word to describe this book, it would be SPECTACULAR. *Side note* What I absolutely love about this author is that she listens to her readers. I did have a couple questions and noticed a few grammar errors while reading. BUT another reviewer brought it to attention and the book was updated almost immediately! I read her online post which took care of my questions and so that is why I am giving this 5 stars instead of just 4! **END of Side Note** Haha, so anyways. YES!! YES!! A million times YES! You all need to read this! What a great book to kick off your Reading Adventures!! Until Next Time Lovelies, DauntlessReading

  26. Kelso

    *I received an advanced copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review from Ya Book Stop. * While I loved getting the book for free to review, I also have to admit I had a great deal of trouble finishing this book. I did not connect with the main character Alissandra at all, and I think that was because she had almost no character development from the very beginning. Which is crucial to a story. I also want to say that the majority of this book is romance, with a little fantasy, which I wasn’t really expecting. For a first book I think it is off to a okay start, but the plot dragged a great deal up until the halfway point, and many people will stop much sooner than that. I would definitely like to learn more about the world in The Sand-Maiden books. I think it could have been described in a little more detail to engage the reader. Overall, I’m at least interested in seeing where this story goes.

  27. TJ

    Lullaby consists of a world split into a Dream and Wake realm with both having their own unique magical systems. In Dream realm, Alissandra (Ali) is one of many sand people helping the people of Wake to slumber and dream each night, her charge is Prince Kovis, a man whom she cares deeply for. Ali’s father is the ruler of Dream and is bent on controlling the people of Wake, through the use of “mares” he can enter a person’s mind and take control. Once Ali and her sister figure out his plans, Ali is left with no other choice but to escape to Wake to get away from her abusive father and protect Kovis. Lee creates a magical system where the people of Wake can wield the elements of fire, ice, metal, and wind, powers that don’t exist on Dream. Yet, Ali is also unique because not only can she put someone to sleep, she has also developed the ability to wield elements in very unpredictable ways. They’re skills that she never had before but also are an equal match to those of the Prince. Kovis is both intrigued by Ali’s story and her ability to help him sleep that he takes it upon himself to train her and see exactly what other powers she can control. Lullaby is a fresh world with lovely romantic moments and the kind of fantasy elements I enjoy reading. Not only does Ali begin training for an epic magic competition pitting her against some of the top sorcerers of Wake, there are mysteries to uncover in Kovis and his siblings past, and Ali’s father and the “mares” bring just the right amount of tension to the story. I also really enjoyed the magical bond Ali and Kovis share which allowed them to telepathically communicate with one another, their playful humor and the eventual romance that ensued between the two was a delight. While things ended on a slight cliffhanger, I’ll definitely be waiting for the sequel. *** I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

  28. Nina

    I didn’t really have any expectations going into this book. The idea seemed promising, though, so I jumped in. I’m so glad I did! The story jumped right in, not even bothering with introductions or build up (those came later). There was conflict, character development, a new world to dive into, vivid imagery – honestly, it was incredible! The only thing stopping this from being a five-star review is one bit of conflict that never felt fully resolved – a secret that wasn’t exposed and dealt with. I won’t give spoilers because it’s an incredible read, but I am hoping that this particular bit makes itself known in one of the next books.

  29. James Zeman

    This story is a wonderfully fresh take on the Sandman (Sand maiden) and it was fabulous! The characters development was wonderful, especially Kovis. He grew so much from the beginning before he knew Ali. Ali truly was what he needed to break through the wall he had built and once he did he was amazing! Ali was a fun female main character who grew to learn how the Wake Realm works and how the human body is so different from the immortal bodies in Dream Realm. Her journey in discovering magic and how it is used was a wicked awesome take that I have yet to come across in the exact same way in another book. Rasa I am curious about. Her character was very important and intriguing. She seems to have the potential of a deeper character and I hope she plays a larger role in the next book. Kennan I am still not sold on…we shall see what book 2 brings for him. I hope we see more of Ali’s sisters in the story to come as I feel their importance has not yet fully been unfolded. Next I’d like to mention the writing. The first few chapters were a bit hard to get into. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because it was like watching a movie 30 minutes after it’s started. But alas! it all fell into place and the missing pieces were connected. All was well, and after the fact I actually really enjoyed that aspect. Also, there were a few simple things I felt were a bit redundant and over used. The phrases “At length” and “several heartbeats” were thrown in too often. While they were always used properly and fit the setting each and every time, I think tossing in a different phrase here and there would have benefited the writing to make it feel less redundant. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s writing style. Her intentions were clear and I was never backtracking to understand what was going on. It would be easily enjoyed by a 60 year old as it would be a 20 year old. The story was magical and breathtaking. I was sucked in like a funnel draining into a world of unique creativity that I did not wish to find my way out of. Currently my favorite recent read and I will be suggesting it to all my bookish friends and family! I can’t wait for book 2! I was extremely upset when the book ended before I knew what happened next! 5 stars!

  30. B. K.

    I’d give this a 3.5. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. I enjoyed the story and premise of the story but the main character was too much of a doormat for me to really enjoy her. And I really hated how the story dealt with the characters’ love result a the very end of the story, which is hard to explain without giving away spoilers. The writing was solid, but I think the biggest thing is that the relationship between the MC and her love interest just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  31. Marilyn Smith

    This is a wonderful story of the sandman but she’s a woman. Ali is a story person and likes Kovis but he’s not sure. The storyline was interesting and intriguing and the characters were developed. I can’t wait to see what the next book will be. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

  32. NYToy

    What an interestingly-Enthralling novel. I was feeling stressed and decided to relax with a good book and Bam! I saw that the Author was offering this free through a third party site, so I figured that I would give it a try. Well folks I was sucked right in. I hunkered down and began reading, then I was swept away to a new world and was finished before I knew it. I am def going to check out more….

  33. Kindle Customer

    Lullaby was an interesting reading, but unfortunately the author’s originality intermingled with a few cliches especially in the construction of the main characters’s relationship, as well as in the case of the external conflict.
    In some sections of the book the pace seemed to be too fast, a fact that resulted in a Mary Sue type of protagonist. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

  34. Nuala

    Lullaby starts off with a bang! It has a great intro that catches your attention immediately.It took me awhile to get used to the authors writing style but it was worth getting through to the end. It was fun getting to know each character, the author does really well at describing them. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next book. This is a great book if you are looking for a book that is set in a world you have never been too.

  35. Stephanie S

    I loved this story. I think the concept of dream realm and wake realm is a fresh take on fantasy novels. The story had a bit of a slow start, but the information was necessary as the novel progressed. The finale was AMAZING! The romance in it was subtle through most of the book, but intensified at the end. I can’t wait to read the next book!

  36. Amanda B Steele

    Lullaby is a book that catches your attention like a whip cracking because of it’s gorgeous cover. The idea of Sandman and Sandmaiden’s was different and exciting. I’m intrigued when it comes to dreams, and how our minds process the emotions and events in our everyday lives. The story starts out in an exciting action sequence grabbing your attention and drawing you in. We learn things as the MC learns them and it’s fun to figure out the puzzles as she does. Ali is a beautiful character who loves deeply and is loyal to a fault. These characters are 3 dimensional and we watch them grow and mature with each new chapter. The magic system was so much fun to read about. It’s multi-layered and exciting. If you enjoy romance with your fantasy read, this is the book for you. I’m more than eager for book 2!

  37. Richard L. Weatherly

    Lullaby opens on an emotionally and physically charged setting. Alissandra who readers with soon identify with as simply Ali, abruptly finds herself in the bedroom of Kovis Altairn the crown prince of Altairn Empire. Until this time Ali has lived as an immortal Sand Maiden controlling dreams of her charges but she has been compelled to give up immortality to become a mortal because of terrifying abuse by her father. LRW Lee inserts the reader into a richly developed fantasy where the main characters, Ali and Kovis, share an unbreakable bond, a bond so great they read the thoughts of one another. In the opening hours of mortality Ali finds herself surrounded by uncertainty. Kovis is in extreme pain and Kovis’s guards are startled by her presence. The Altarin Empire is facing a revolt and Ali’s unannounced presence leads to a harsh interrogation. For a time, Ali faces uncertainty. Her captors are convinced she is the cause of Prince Kovis’s pain. It will take time for Ali and Kovis to develop the bond they share but eventually it will become clear that both she and Kovis are imbued unimaginable powers to control the environment they live in. Lullaby guides the reader on an emotional journey filled with hopes and dreams along with fears and danger as well. This may be LRW Lee’s best work so far. It develops into not only a fantasy action adventure but a mature love story. Lee gives a fantasy world a sense of profound realism. It’s easy to be drawn into the lives of characters. Much is at stake. Threats against Kovis’s empire abound. Will Kovis and Ali have what it takes to survive a rebel threat? Will their relationship develop into more than a psychic bond? You’ll have to obtain a copy of Lullaby to learn the answer. Get ready for an exciting ride.

  38. wls

    This is the type of book where your not really enjoying the book but you keep reading it anyway. I am so glad I did. The more into the book I got, the more I enjoyed it. Hope you have pleasant dreams after reading this book. After all, you now know where your dreams evolved from. Book 2 sounds even more interesting.

  39. Kindle Customer

    I was lucky enough to be chosen to read this from the Advanced Reader Copy. I received it Wednesday lunch time and by Thursday evening I was telling the author that I had run out of book to read! It’s rare for me to read a book so quickly on the first pass but L.R.W. Lee’s characters are so well written that I wanted to know what was going to happen next. And I still do even after finishing the novel. I can’t wait for book two. The main character is Ali (Allisandra) who we find has managed to stumble in to Prince Kovis’ bedroom in the middle of the night. Only no guards have seen her, there is no attempt of a break in and she is as confused as everyone else as to how she ended up there. This first book follows Ali’s journey into Wake realm, making new friends in the palace whilst still protecting her charge and doing her duty as a Sand Maiden. Even though her father is looking for her and is a threat to the entire realm. Kovis and his twin find themselves equally enamoured and annoyed with Ali throughout the novel as she finds out all about the realm and what makes her body tick. She has new magicks to try to master and then the council force her to take part in a battle for her life. What more can we ask for? Action, Adventure and Intrigue with a romance that builds towards the end 🙂 I can’t wait to find out more and read Rock-A-Bye Baby.

  40. Vicki Martins

    A really great read! I was drawn into this world of dream and fascinated to the last page. I look forward to reading the sequel.

  41. Erinesoul

    A good first effort, will hopefully pick up some in the next book. The premise and characters are good and my only compliant is that it rambles in places. Looking forward to book two

  42. Rukia

    This is by far one of the best stories I’ve come across that ain’t Shifter based. The story of Ali and Klovis is amazing and how far they come. From being interrogated to being his bride. The struggles that this couple go through is downright scary. I mean, how could you be with someone who knows your entire life, yet you know hardly anything about them? For Klovis it takes quite a lot of convincing and some struggles because of his past. Same goes for Ali. Even though she’s loved Klovis since he was an infant. She still doubts herself because of her father. L. R. W. does a good job in describing her characters. There’s only one downside. There’s not quite enough detail, but the plot still earned a five star review.

  43. R. Rousseau

    Thank you L.R.W. Lee for an advanced copy of this to read!!! I received this book for an honest review. And I am happy to say that an honest review wont be hard to come by!!! Just having finished this I am still on a happy high, buzzing with all the excitement of that ending!!! WAHHH!!! I need book two like IMMEDIATELY!! This book really throws you into a new world with new magic and a cray cray evil father/king/sandman and his daughter Alissandra. I thoroughly enjoyed the new spin on the sandman and the sand maiden idea. That each Maiden/Man has her own Dreambeam that they provide dreams to is just genius!! Although it took me about the first 5 chapters before I could even begin to comprehend how things worked, I really did love the world once I got the hang of it. After the inital slow start the rest of the story flew by, and then the next thing I knew, I was on the final page wondering what happened to the rest of my book?!! But alas, that is never a bad thing to enjoy a book enough to not realize how much you have read 🙂 I will keep this short and sweet since its still in the workings but definitely add this to your TBR immediately, you wont regret it! Happy Reading!

  44. Kindle Customer

    Mrs. Lee really blew me away with her refreshing new take on a paranormal romance. I also loved the genius way she used an old myth we all know from childhood, the “Sandman”, but weaved it and molded an entire world and mythos of her own from it. Ali is a Sandmaiden, who has been the weaver of Prince Kovis of Altairn’s dreams since he was born. When Ali finds out her father wants to take over the Prince’s kingdom and possibly harm him, she decides to escape from Dreamrealm and sacrifice her immortality to save the man she loves. Kovis, who is the prince of a magic wielding people, is guarded well by his twin brother and their guards. When they find Ali naked in the bed of stunned prince Kovis, the interrogations, mistreatment, and suspicion ensues. Both brothers battle their desire for Ali while they try to determine where she’s from and if she has harmful intentions toward the prince and the Altairn Empire.

  45. Kris<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text"></span></span>

    This was definitely a really nice read!!

  46. Tina M. Petriella

    When I first started this book I wasn’t sure how much I was going to enjoy it because I am usually not a big fantasy reader but it didn’t take long before I was hooked. Not only was it an easy read (I read it in a day) but the writing was phenomenal. I just fell for the characters. The best part, which I didn’t expect, is the funny parts. I actually giggled through certain parts. The relationship between Kovis and Ali seemed pulled from reality (I know it’s fantasy), the way they were a part of each other and fed off of each other in all situations. If you love fantasy books or even if you don’t I recommend picking this one up and reading it, you won’t be sorry. I can’t wait to start the next one!

  47. Startime

    Alissandra is a sand maiden, an Immortal Princess in the Dream Realm. She weaves the dreams of her charges once they are asleep. Her current charge is Prince Kovis, and she has been with him since before he was even born. The difference with Kovis is that she falls in love with him. When Ali’s father tries to use her to take over and enslave the Wake realm, she manages to flee the Dream Realm and joins Kovis in the Wake Realm. Met with suspicion, Ali finds herself imprisoned for a time, wondering if she has jumped into the fire from the frying pan? Great storyline and characters, with lots of action and twists, and romance make this a wonderful read!

  48. Allie Logsdon

    I recieved a ARC in exchange of an honest review. This is the second book I’ve beta read for this author and I have not been disappointed yet! I Loved it SO MUCH!!! Lee really put a lot of work into building up Ali (the MC) into this amazing force of nature from this naive woman with little backbone! I am so pleased with how this series is going and how it’s progressed. I love that it has parts written in the love interests point of view also, its really makes it all come together. Lots of twists and turns, action, romance, and its so unique from any world Ive read about so far! I cant wait to read the next book in this series!

  49. Sarah Coleman

    I loved everything about this book. The world building was absolutely beautiful and I loved the main character. This was a completely different concept from what you see normally and that is what really made me enjoy it. I have always had a fondness for Sandman lore, and this just spoke levels to me in how creative it was in taking that lore and turning it into something else. I need the second book NOW after reading this and I CANNOT wait! I received an ARC for free, and I am leaving an honest review voluntarily.

  50. Alecia

    At first I thought the character was a simpleton, and wasn’t sure I’d like this book. However the author creatively wrote this character to be that on purpose. Through the book you grow with the characters and they’ve written it well! So refreshing that a romance builds over time and doesn’t resort to sex right away as most do these days.

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