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26 reviews for eBook of Cursed – Save 21% over Amazon!

  1. Michelle Titherington VanDaley

    This is not your cookie cutter Academy series. The world building in this book is spectacular – I have never seen heaven/hell/angels/demons portrayed in this way and I was truly captivated by it. I enjoyed the dual POV – I always think that adds an extra dimension to a story. It took me a bit to like Glad but I did grow to understand her. The side characters are well written and the cliffhanger ending has me eagerly awaiting book two.

  2. Star

    Wow! I’ve read quite a bit of books but I haven’t read a book with this twist on urban fantasy involving angels. This book is definitely a great book for people who like the world building in sections and not all at once. The story jumps right in and then builds along the way which helps you follow the story so I really liked it. Obviously this is a no spoiler review but maybe potential in book two for booktok and bookstagram to have new book boyfriends (hehe). This book was honestly a relaxing read which I like so I can’t wait for book two! Thank you for the advance readers copy L.R.W Lee. (I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.)

  3. M. Smith

    Very interesting concept of heaven and hell with angels and demons. I liked the premise of the book and the overall delivery. I struggled with reading about some of the depictions of heaven and hell in general. I will probably read the next book to continue the series, but while interesting, it’s not quite on my list of favorite stories. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. Rachel Joi Maples

    A great series beginning.

  5. Debbie Shropshire

    So…being a long-term follower of Lee I have airways enjoyed her books. From the Smithson series to the Lullaby series, and recently the Empire series. But Cursed is probably one of my favorites. It just might be one of my favorites I’ve ever read… definitely top 10. As always the writing is superb, but this book has an extra special quality too it. It’s like a new twist on angels and demons and “the fallen.” A different look into Heaven for sure. The interaction between the angels and the fallen is so strenuous you catch yourself biting your nails; and with the demons too. When I read about Gladriel and her character you can’t help but immediately love her. She’s smart, intuitive, snarky… but Wholeheartedly just good. She’s fierce.. doesn’t back down, and is willing to break the rules to stand by her principles. When she is punished by God I was truly devastated. It feels so real when you’re reading… it’s more like reading a diary and not a book of fiction. Lol. I don’t care for reviews that tell you every detail of three book so that’s all I’m going to give c away. Oh and the fact that I love how she carries herself in 2nd Heaven and wins over her three classmates and her obnoxious mentor. I cannot wait for the 2nd book to come out… to find out if Kessien and the other angels find the Prophecy (thanks for just ending it there… sorry not sorry lol) and are able to save Glad and her new friends and the humans and 2nd Heaven. They say God works in mysterious ways and always has a plan. Well Glad getting sent to 2nd Heaven, even though it was a punishment, seems to be something God planned. To use her to save a few of three fallen and earth… maybe. Anyway I truly loved this book.

  6. Cabiria Aquarius

    Gladriel is what you want from a friend. Even though authorities tell her revenge is taken care of, when nothing happens as soon as possible she takes matters into her own hands. However, when she gets punished for it things don’t seem as black and white as she first thought they were. Maybe there’s something more than blind evil at Morningstar Academy. More than blind belief in Heaven’s own gates. Want to know what it could be? Take a step into a world you thought you knew. Pickup Cursed by the amazingly talented LRW Lee and find out for yourselves just what you would do to make sure the world is balanced.A well-crafted story and excellent descriptions, could not put it down. Needed to know what would happen next at every turn. I had planned out how much I would read to get it read at a good pace and that pace flew out the window as it oft does when you are so entrenched in a story all you need is more. And what an ending… when is the next one going to be ready?

  7. Sabrina Nelson

    This is a good book to read. It is not your normal angel academy; this book has twist and turns everywhere. This books environment takes you to places as the story progresses not just as a lump sum of information. I would recommend it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  8. darkcatra

    This was a great start to the Morningstar Academy series, it does what a beginning chapter is suppose to do and introduce us to the world and it’s characters. It does a good job in telling the story and it left me wanting more in this universe. The characters were really interesting and I can’t wait for the next adventure. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  9. Tanyawriter

    She killed a demon which has not happened for such a long time, now she is in danger from the demons. Now she is at a school where she needs to try to keep to her true self. When humans go missing she knows she needs to help. What is going on? Can she find who is behind it all? Can she save those already taken? See just what is going to happen for her.

  10. debbie

    A well written read with Angels, demons and fallen angels, incredible world building, exciting and thrilling storyline and most excellent characters. This pulls you as we follow Gladriel on her adventure in this captivating and addictive urban fantasy read. Not your average academy read, this is a different take on your usual Angel / demon world filled with twists and turns and I am eager to read more.

  11. Jamee

    Lee’s writing is engaging and evocative. She does a terrific job setting up a scene for drama and action. Her utilization of setting to enhance the tone of the story was terrific. I was on the edge of my seat!This was, above all, a story about friendship. I loved Gladriel and Astread’s ride-or-die friendship, as well as the friendship of the whole squadron. I look forward to reading the next books in the series!!

  12. escritora

    Gladriel and her squadron mates are Cherubim warriors in the Almighty’s army tasked to protect all of his beings, including humans. There are fallen angels, demons, seraphim and more who take to the skies to manipulate others’ lives. Glad and her partner Kessien are attracted to each other and the rest of their squadron knew it before they admitted it. It’s a cute plot line and it adds a touch of sweet romance. When Glad breaks rank to avenge her best friend’s death, she’s called before the Almighty to plead her case, but that’s not going to happen because the Almighty has already decided to expel her from heaven for defying him and vengeance is his! She’s being banished to 3rd Heaven, the home of Morningstar Academy where she’ll receive an introduction to her new life and will be assigned an occupation. The major in charge reports that Glad is going to need an intensive adjustment and the “learning” curve is going to be steep. There’s some humor to be found in the treatment of the “students” by their leaders. Glad has not earned the right to go by her real name so, for now, she answers to Trainee Scum. Every time I heard it I wanted to reach through my phone and throat punch him, but I have to admit that it was a perfect juxtaposition to finally being able to use her name when she proved her worth. Glad is aware of “the prophecy” that is written in books found only in the forbidden section of the library. When she starts to see it play out in front of her eyes, the Iron Dome is protecting Israel from rockets and missiles. Knowing the history of this area makes this story much richer in meaning and characterization. It becomes obvious that this story is a treatise to analyze good and bad, righteousness and evil, angels and demons and the story that results is an absolute gem! I look forward to stories narrated by Sarah Kisko. Her dynamic voice is able to bring each character to life with a smooth pace, excellent intonation and timbre.

  13. trufriends

    After a mission gone wrong which affected her best friend Gladriel, after warned about taking revenge, took matters in her own hands. Curious where this series will go.

  14. trufriends

    After a mission gone wrong which affected her best friend Gladriel, after warned about taking revenge, took matters in her own hands. Curious where this series will go.

  15. Honoree

    The book cover is beautiful, definitely a reader magnet. The Book is interesting, I got a little upset in the middle about the punishment she was given. I understand that she undermined his authority and that he can’t let it happen since it will create descend amongst the troops but I thought the punishment didn’t fit the crime. They are immortals, so I’m sure there are many other punishments that could’ve worked. Then again they say he is all knowing and works in mysterious ways so I’m sure knowing her character he will play her as a piece on a chessboard to achieve the ending he desires. The book is alright though give it a try.

  16. Outstanding Adventure!!

    I loved this book!! I loved the book!!

  17. Larry K.

    This is the first book I’ve seen to explore how angels see each other, how they live and the challenges they face, which can lead to the big Fall! It’s an urban(ish) fantasy where humans and angels have changed places in the narrative the humans are props and the story is about angels. Looking forward to book two!

  18. Rayn Reads

    I received an advance review copy for free through BookSirens and the author, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. I found the overall concept of the book to be interesting and engaging. I didn’t always love the writing and it made this a slow read for me. The main character is so stubborn its frustrating you just want her to back down a bit sometimes. BUT it makes her exactly who she is and I appreciate having a character with strong morals. Each of the side characters had their own unique personalities that consistently fit with them. I had a couple of chunks where I needed to skim (rare for me), the pacing was not working for me. Some of the most action packed scenes ended up feeling like they took an eternity because there was too much detail. The detail was usually validated but with each scene it became more and more exhausting. Consistently you are reading excess information that bogs the plot down. I did not take off any stars for that factor because I know that for some people this might be one of their favorite things about the book!Other than the pacing I thought this book was a great read that I think many people will enjoy. I took forward to reading more books by this author.

  19. Ellen Gunn

    I LOVED this book! The author creates word pictures that made me feel I was right there..I could see exactly what was going on. I got a little worried at one point where Glad, the main character, I thought was going to be instructed to inflict more pain on a couple grieving the loss of their child, but whew! The word pictures of the Rapture and war on Israel were so well done that I felt I was there and can’t wait for the Rapture!!!

  20. Reviews are all on the main Cursed book page

    Reviews are all on the main Cursed book page

  21. Margarita Rose Bailey

    This was an astounding story. I loved the visual descriptions. Demons and angels and fallen angels. One moment a warrior and the next a fallen angel.. Glad goes against God’s advice and ends up in deep doodoo.. Can she be restored and will she be able to help her classmates? Have to read this book am excited for the next one.

  22. Beverly

    Entertaining story. Waiting on more

  23. Amanda Urbinato ~Book Reviewer Extraordinaire

    I enjoyed listening to the audio of this book. The narrator, Sarah Kisko did a great job with Glad and the other angels/fallen. She brought a little something extra to the audiobook. I enjoyed the book part as well. If I had young teenagers, I’d be cool with them reading this too. So far, the Angels have been complete angles. It’s the first book I’ve read, other than the bible, where “the almighty” actually appears. And the prophecy they are talking about is totally in the bible. (Thank You for the year I did in a Bible Study class and we focused on Revelations for quite a while). But whether you’ve read the bible, or not. Whether you are a fan or not, this is still a really good fantasy book. It’s not a religious book. The story just has a few parallels.
    The book held my attention the whole time. I managed to finish it in one day. And I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book and I can’t wait for the next one! There better be a next one! I haven’t checked. But I’m sure the author can’t leave the ending like that! There is way too much story left!!

  24. Madeleine

    My first book by this author. The blurb really caught my attention. I love PNR but, especially when it comes to Angels & Demons. The story this author told was very good and well thought out.

  25. Melissa Hatcher

    Let me start by saying I love a good Angel and Demon fantasy! I also really love well written literature. The two don’t always come together so beautifully. However, I can count on LRW Lee to make that happen.

    She builds worlds with words so well you can feel the world around you. In this first book of her new Morningstar Academy series we meet Gladriel. She and her squad, a group of angels that fight against demons. We join her on her journey from angel to “Fallen”.

    So now she is struggling with her previous self that protected human kind and her new fallen self that is working to corrupt humanity. Here is where the good twists get going, and Lee does that so well. I just love how you can feel something coming but can’t quite predict what is going to happen!

    I would recommend this is book if you like PNR, angels and demons, fallen angels, or really like fantasy. It is well told, exciting, and full of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. And the next comes out in just a couple of weeks, I cannot wait for Damned!

  26. Deonna Balentyne

    The plot of this book is a tale as old as time – the battle between good and evil. The new adventures and plot twists made this an exciting read. I love the concept of the celestial warriors. Gladriel has such a big heart for her friends and for humans. Often the celestial beings are seen as being cold and withdrawn from emotions, especially to humans. The loss of life means little to those who live for eons.

    Morningstar Academy was unexpected and a fun suprise. They can be quite brutal and danagerous there. I like the views on the Fallen. There is so much depth to the characters there, and it is interesting to see how they will grow. I wish there was more detail in what is going on, but I feel cursed is just the intro into a huge world and situation.

    I highly recommend this book if you want to try something new. This is just the start of her series. Damned is next on my list, book 2.

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