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The God of Dreams threatens humanity’s very existence, and Ali must risk her life in an attempt to stop him.

Ali won the contest of her life, The Ninety-Eight, as a pawn of the Council, but danger still lurks. Her Father is using her beloved’s sibling to track her down.

But an even bigger threat still looms: her father plans to conquer Wake by turning humans into empty-shells to do his bidding. Ali and Kovis desperately search for a way to stop him, but every idea requires that she return to Dream, a move that will kill her.

If you loved Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses, Elise Kova’s Air Awakens, and/or Rachel E. Carter’s The Black Mage, you’ll love Sand Maiden, a four-book new adult Epic Fantasy Romance series with young adult appeal.

Scroll up and one click to see if Ali and Kovis can save Wake realm!


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4 reviews for Paperback of Good Night (Autographed)

  1. escritora

    May 9, 2022
    Ambien won’t be happy until he controls Wake and the “harmless, weak” humans who populate it. Even though his daughter, Alissandra, escaped her father and his torture to make her help with his world domination, she knows that Wake is in danger and she goes to her aunts to ask for help. They have the utmost authority in the family and, at the same time, are hilarious with their love of “literature.” But trouble is brewing because Ambien finally understands that Ali is out of his control, but her sister, Alfreda, can be broken. Ambien is getting more desperate and will not spare even his daughter from his punishments. In this story, there is more danger, more uncertainty and I have to admit I was a little, no, a lot annoyed with Kovis when he cut all ties and his bond with Ali because of something he should have talked to her about. Granted, he was damaged by someone who didn’t love him for himself, but he has to get over it because he knows darn well that Ali is his mate. Thankfully, all is well between them, but there are still problems that they have to face in Wake before they can free themselves from the evil of their father. I am enjoying this series so much with its characters that are so-well written, relatable and bright and a storyline that is uniquely fascinating.
    Sarah Kisko’s narration continues to shine and her ability to become each of the characters is outstanding.

  2. TarraLyn

    Truly Delightful
    June 23, 2020
    Holy moly!!! This is an incredible installment to the Sand Maiden series.

    Ali and Kovis’ journey continue and the fight against her father, Ambien builds in intensity. They are trying to find a way to return to the Dream Realm, to save Ali’s sister and her dreamcharge, Kovis’ twin brother Kennan. They encounter a lot of trouble along the way, and learn to grow with each other, and this in turn makes the whole book worth it. To see characters struggle and overcome the odds and be tighter in the end….kudos for making me feel real feelings for these characters. Ambien is truly a scary villain in this book; he’s intelligent and manipulative with his children, and all the twists in his motivation to take over the Wake Realm, super scary.

    Ms. Lee’s writing greatly improves with this book and I found it hard to put it down. You can tell she really thinks through her scenes and makes sure that all the puzzle pieces fit together. I feel like this is the best book in the series by far!

  3. Stephanie S

    June 20, 2020
    This book had a slow start for me as Alli and Kovis try to find a way back to Dream. Kovis throws a massive wrench and the story picks up from there. Ambien is the villian that I LOVE to hate. He is truly despicable I love how I forces Alli’s development. Lee has done a wonderful job of continuing the story

  4. Rachel C.

    May 29, 2020
    I have really been enjoying this series! This book was so good, and I couldn’t put it down! There was so much going on, and so many feels. I can’t wait to read the final book!

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