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If you love to hate supernatural bullies, empathize with wounded souls finding love, and cheer for the innocent underdog you’ll devour this!



Thousands of copies sold. Nearly one MILLION pages read for the series, hundreds of reviews on Amazon, and nearly 1,000 ratings on Goodreads.
Complete series! 4 books. Over 1,400 pages of magic, adventure, mythology, and romance. 

Alissandra’s immortal and wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her human dream charge, but they share wounded pasts and he’s the first to understand her pain. For his part, the prince has experienced his share of loss and betrayal and has erected barriers to protect his wounded heart–while these barriers guard, they also prevent him from experiencing love.

No one says, no, to the king. So when Morpheus, god of dreams as well as Ali’s father and sovereign, starts pressuring her to help him conquer mortal dreams making humans mindless slaves, she flees Dream Realm for Wake Realm to save the prince she loves, as well as all humans.

What Ali can’t anticipate is that political opponents in the prince’s kingdom will use her as a pawn in their quest to usurp power from the monarchy. Sensing the prince has more than a passing interest in the new arrival, they force her into a brutal competition that only the winner will walk away from.

If you love to hate supernatural bullies, empathize with wounded souls finding love, and cheer for the underdog you’ll devour this tale of Morpheus, Greek god of dreams, by USA Today Bestselling author L. R. W. Lee. It’s a slow-burn, fated mates, fantasy romance with potent sorcery and mythical intrigue.

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**This series will empower those who say #MeToo but contains mature content. Recommended for 18+.**

Praise for The Sand Maiden

“L.R.W. Lee brings an amazing new realm (literally!) to new adult fantasy. It’s sure to please fans of sorcerers, princes, kickass fight scenes, epic magic, and dazzling romance. Did I mention this is all in one series?” – Rachel E. Carter, USA Today bestselling author

“This engaging and poignant series delivers powerful and passionate romance for its readership. That said, it’s also refreshing to see a paranormal romance series that doesn’t solely rely on its passions to be of great quality, and I’d therefore highly recommend The Sand Maiden to fantasy and romance fans alike for its well rounded and atmospheric storytelling.” – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

“I’m enthralled. The series has held me captive…You have me in the spot I love/hate. It’s so good. I thoroughly enjoyed the humor woven in this story. A lovely conclusion. I want more!!!” – Peggy Frese, Senior Editor

“I lied to myself so many times when I said ‘just one more chapter’.” – Jamie Hejduk, Vine Voice Reviewer

“Addictive, captivating, dynamic, and (well..) ENCHANTING! A complete page turner! The series took that whole Sandman idea to the next level! – Brittany, Amazon Reviewer

“I was blown away. I absolutely loved everything about it.” – Deb T., Goodreads Reviewer 

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