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47 reviews for The Sand Maiden eBook Bundle – Save 70% over individual!

  1. Rachel E. Carter

    It’s sure to please fans of sorcerers, princes, kickass fight scenes, epic magic, and dazzling romance. It’s definitely new adult (think A Court of Thorns and Roses level, which I know will make a lot of romance readers happy!) and definitely brings back all my favorite epic medieval fantasy feels with a fresh and exciting concept that totally sets it apart. This book has all my favorite tropes -hot princes, dueling and competitions, plenty of magic, gods and mortals, family drama (in the most epic of ways), and steamy romance!

  2. Reviews are all on the main Sand Maiden bundle book page

    Reviews are all on the main Sand Maiden bundle book page

  3. Anna

    This book was really interesting and the story super unique. I especially liked the magic systems and the different powers a sorcerer can have.

  4. Elisa

    This series is very interesting and unlike what I have ever seen before. A big plus is also how the author really cares about her readers and is very easily approachable. And just look at the cover! It’s gorgeous!

  5. Erinesoul

    Re read the updated text and it’s better!! Love the story’s premise. Looking forward to book two!

  6. Magicbooks

    Enjoyable read, looking forward to the next

  7. Customer Dunky

    I couldn’t put this book down!! Having never read any of the authors books before I was unsure what to expect, but she did not disappoint. The plot has you hooked from beginning to end and leaves you wanting more……which is coming…….I had to ask her because I needed to know how long I was going to have to wait 🙂 I am so looking forward to learning more about the characters and what is going to happen to wake realm in the next books.

    Also the cover art is gorgeous and definitely made me want to read the book more! Anybody that loves the likes of Sarah j Maas should definitely give this blossoming series a go and I’m sure you will love it just as much as I did.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Aaaagggghhhhh aheow noooooo it can’t finish now need the next book in this series Amazing read well written. Already excited for the mext instalment

  9. Kindle Customer

    I’ve really enjoyed this series so far it’s different than most fantasy books and has been fun to get lost in their world

  10. NikkiBookDragon

    Omg the world building is amazing. I don’t think I’ve read anything like Lullaby before.

  11. Dillon Summerlin

    I feel in love with the main character, Alissandra, from the first page. She is brave, unselfish, strong, and caring. It was amazing to experience this new world with her and join on her journey of love

  12. Ellen Gunn

    This writer just keeps outdoing herself. This book is a fast and enjoyable read. I read it in 2 days because the plot kept me wanting to read more to find out what was going to happen next. If you like romance novels, you’ll love this! There’s adventure, intrigue and romance all rolled into one amazing book! The word pictures made me feel I was right in the book.

  13. English Lit Teacher

    I love this story! Ali is not your typical damsel in distress, quite the opposite really. The author’s writing style is beautiful and complex. Nothing is given away until she wants you to know it! Ali’s story is of loss and redemption at all costs.

  14. Miss C Manuel

    Loved this book. Tbh it can be a bit of a slow burner but once it picks up it keeps you entranced. I love Ali and love seeing how her relationships are blossoming. I also love Kovis and how we’re seeing some vulnerability in our strong male lead. I love the concept and can’t wait to be back in wake realm with some of my favourite new characters.

  15. Brenda Goode

    Great book, loved Ali, her strength and yet she was still innocent. I was a Kovas of my own. Love their banter back and forth, had me giggling. Great job. Cant wait to read the next one to see whar else happens.

  16. Solaris Duvaniel

    Thank you LRW Lee for giving the world another wonderful book to dive into! We follow Alissandra, a sand maiden of the Dream Realm, who guides and guards the dreams of her mortal charges. Alissandra, or Ali, has one responsibility that she looks after for the entirety of that mortal’s sleeping life, and this time her dreambeam is Prince Kovis of Elementis, an empire of Wake Realm, to whom she becomes mysteriously and critically connected to when she escapes her own realm and incarnates into a mortal being of flesh in Wake Realm, right inside the Prince’s rooms one night. Then begins Ali’s struggle to adjust and adapt, and learn the mortal ways of Wake Realm very quickly, while also striving to hide from her violent father, the ruler of Dream Realm, and help protect Wake Realm from his greedy ambitions. Prince Kovis is a military tactician, a royal commander, and a twin. His brother, Prince Kennan, is the head of interrogation for prisoners of their empire, among other things. Their elder sister, the Empress Rasa, is the empire’s current ruler. Ali has loved Kovis for a long time even though she is his sand maiden, and only knew him through his dreams. Prince Kovis did not formally meet Ali until several days after she first appeared in his chambers. There is also a Council who proves to be at odds with the royal family and interests of the empire, not surprisingly. I was surprised however at how weak the royal family appeared at the frequent impudence of the Council, especially when they manipulated and strong-armed their way into using Ali for their own political motives. Also the amount of gossip of the palace staff and insolence of some soldiers made the royals look powerless and lacking for loyalty instead of as the supreme law of their empire.

    My favorite genre to read is new adult fantasy, especially with a fine dose of romance mixed in. But I had mixed connections with Ali’s ordeal. On the one hand her constant confusion, naivete and guilelessness was a good portrayal of her inexperience as one who is thrust unexpectedly into a new existence in a new world— especially as she went from non-corporeal immortal to a physical human made of flesh and blood. On the other hand, I was also confused about this new world she is experiencing: Ali does not give much description of her new surroundings. She is mostly feeling things as she interacts with other humans, but it left me confused about the set-up of the book’s worlds of Dream Realm and Wake Realm. I personally hate run-on long-winded descriptions of things, but there was very little to understand for the story’s setting. Apparently Wake Realm has running water and indoor plumbing, but no electricity. I’m not sure what the Canyon is precisely, though it is mentioned regularly–but there are also gods? And there is magic in Wake Realm, and some carry multiple abilities while others carry none– but I am still confused about how or why Dream Realm and mares–night terrors–are significant in the whole cosmology of this universe. The sentence structure was abrupt and very choppy. Although this could have been attributed again to Ali’s rude awakening–literally–in Wake Realm, and contributed to the impression that Ali is still in the shock and awe stage and cannot form coherent thoughts in all the mayhem, the narration did not flow throughout the book’s entirety, and this made it more difficult to read. The Sand Maiden is categorized as a new adult fantasy, yet the narration very often read like middle schoolers, unfortunately. It is supposed to be difficult and uncomfortable to read violence done against an innocent, but necessary in stories with conflict. Yet when such events are is visited in The Sand Maiden, they come off as awkward rather than uncomfortable because certain words are avoided. I feel it is an insult to not call rape or attempted rape by its name with unapologetic bluntness. It was also unbelievable to me how Ali behaved with Kennan after her ordeal under the directorship of his interrogation staff. I would have never forgiven or trusted or given one inch to someone who took such measures, albeit Ali is a stranger and it is Kennan’s royal duty to extract the truth from suspects. Mind you, Ali’s progression with Kennan was explained and justified for this story, but it was personally not to my tastes, and I cringed more than once at those conversations. Again I touch on the development of Ali’s character as both well done, but also left wanting. If Ali is an immortal sand maiden who guides her mortals through their dreams from sleeping to waking, then she has not seen a great deal of the human experience through the subconscious lives of many mortal lifetimes? How is she so utterly ignorant about Wake Realm’s multi-faceted human behaviors? That was a contradiction for me. She has seen so much, (and yes, it is still different to physically be in it and truly experience life as a human being herself), and yet she is so unaware and witless about the woken world’s norms and mores, and plain old everything. Her only anchor in a brand new life is that she is certain of is her love for Prince Kovis. That never changed. On a side note I like that some things can stay the same while a character can still grow a great deal. Ali’s personal experiences with Prince Kovis are the primary focus of essentially the entire book. This got old for me very quickly, as it was constantly reiterated at what seemed like every paragraph, every page. I found that it cost the story crucial set up and world-building details necessary for any new series’s first installment. However, on a positive note, it pleased the romantic junkie in me. I found Prince Kovis’s behavior with Ali, going from aloof, suspicious stranger to helpful acquaintance and protector, then to subsequent friend and eventually more, to be very well done! I so greatly appreciate that this romance was not rushed and Prince Kovis did not look at Ali and immediately return her feelings in a love-at-first-sight attitude. The setbacks in their relationship were also realistic for the human condition, and felt natural to me. The book’s pacing was consummate and I deeply appreciated that it was not crammed into a few short days or weeks, like so many novels of a similar genre do. The timeline was spread out over several months. I also really enjoyed the lexicon applied to this universe: suns, heartbeats, fortnights, moons, in lieu of day, instant, week, month. I felt that was a creative, clever application for building a fantasy world. Overall a very interesting and unique concept: a dream world and a woken world. I did want more in world-building and explanation, but I got plenty of kind, sincere heroine and honest, supportive, princely partner. Weaving classic lullabies into the text, and making sand an unassuming yet crucial part of the story, these brilliant little nuances brought The Sand Maiden out of dreamy inception and into awakened reality for me.

  17. Jenna Hall

    Loved this book! I had it preordered for months and I was so happy when I recieved it. The cover was beautiful and the story was amazing. I can’t wait for book #2!

  18. Emma

    I LOVED this book – Ali is such a delightful character. The story flows well,the romance isn’t forced or rushed and I am so looking forward to the next book!

  19. Holly M.

    I read this dory after reading Rock a Bye Baby. I didn’t realize this was the first in a series ax it works well as a second! Nice story line, good characterization.

  20. Cabiria Aquarius

    Ali is a strong Sand Maiden and does what she believes is right. Her father, King Sandman of her area of Dream Realm is dangerous as she figures out for herself slowly. All she wants is his praise and love. But his love isn’t love. Not like she deserves. She escapes to Wake Realm to protect it. Only when she arrives is not the best time and she isn’t trusted. Not at first. Takes a while for them to believe who she is. I mean if this were to happen in this time and place in our reality… we would have trouble believing it too. She slowly finds herself in situations that trouble her but she does her best. She has the love of the people. This is a fantastic read. Sand Maidens weaving dreams? This is such a cool idea. I wonder what happens next. Such an amazing storyline and plot. How it all happens. What she goes through. Pulls at your heartstrings that’s for sure. I loved it!

  21. Jackie

    I really liked to see how Ali and Kovis’ relationship evolves in this book. The plot in this book reminds me of a blend of Air Awakens and The Hunger Games. I loved both books, so I really liked this one too. I was disappointed Ali didn’t put 2 and 2 together about the cloudy eye thing until the end though. She’s been incredibly insightful since entering wake realm except for that. To be fair, she had a lot to deal with. I also would have liked more expansion on her interaction with the warrior nomarchs. It did set a great opportunity to revisit in the next book when she will surely need allies to fight her father. So I’m gonna go buy it and hope I’m right. ^.^

  22. Lilannie79

    Ali is Kovis’s dream maiden, but when she escapes to the wake realm to keep her father from using him and killing her both of their lives get turned upside down. Can they survive when everyone is out to get them? Wonderful read from start to finish. I received this book as an arc and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  23. mflora

    Creative and intriguing read. This is a new to me author and alls I can say is wow great storyline building and the characters where well written and believable you could almost see the story unfolding right before your eyes. I can’t wait to see what this author writes next. This is one lm going to keep an eye out for

  24. Tina L

    It took awhile for me to really get ahold on this at first… and then, I could hardly put it down! It is just an amazing love story! If we all had a sand maiden that was perfect for us like Ali, life could be awesome! Realizing the powers that they have, the way they can utilize them is amazing also!

  25. MRT

    I’m a big fan of all of L.R.W. Lee’s books and Lullaby didn’t disappoint! The characters are interesting and the fantasy aspect of the book is awesome. I’ll remember for a quite a while the battle scenes because of the fantastic descriptions and imagery in the story. Lullaby puts a new twist on a romance between people from different places. The powers of the sand maiden are really really cool and they way they play out in the story is a lot of fun – and unpredictable. I fell in love with the characters and the place, and as as usual, cannot wait for the next book in the series.

  26. Loretta Herman

    Fascinating bring to life the sleep realm giving us an understanding of another place and dreams. I can wait to continue this story line.

  27. Mimi

    Excellent book. Well written. I am looking forward to the next one!

  28. OLIVIA

    A must read. I really like the plot it’s different from many others with a twist. Can’t wait for the next book.

  29. Jamie Scott-Williams

    Very creative. It’s a great depiction of a fantasy world. Love that it keeps little similarities to earth but gives its own explanations as to why things are the way that they are… Ali is consistent in her personality and charm throughout the story. Nice!!

  30. MMG

    This read got me hooked on the series! Now I’m waiting for book 2!

  31. Larry K.

    Lee has created sword and sorcerer world that features a unique twist to an old fable AND a new magical system. The heroes and heroines sometimes do villainous things (and maybe vice versa as well) in a way that leaves you wondering at the end of every chapter about what will come next!

  32. Wrighten

    I loved the Ali was the pursuer and Kovis was more of the emotional one In the relationship. This was a interesting take on the Sandman stories. I looked forward to reading of Ali’s and Kovis story.

  33. Kindle Customer

    The book was funny and made me laugh on several different occasions. Though I did think it is bit childish for an adult book mixed with some adult content.

  34. Katya B

    I enjoyed this book, hope there are more to come.

  35. Adriana Pena

    This book is great i can’t wait for book 2!

  36. Jessica Paratchek

    There are two big things to be mentioned when reviewing this book. One is that it is a romance story. I had to somewhat reorganize my expectations about five chapters into it because I did not know the romance would be a main plot point. Once I did realized that though I started to enjoy the journey a bit more if that makes sense. Nothing wrong with a good romance fantasy, in fact they are some of my favorites! I just like it better when I know that going into the book and I feel that other readers might agree. The second is that its a slow burner. I found myself wishing for more detail in the very beginning, wanting to know more about Ali and her life before she came to Wake Realm. Since this is not a stand alone I think and hope that perhaps the second book will show more of Ali’s memories of her past life and the world that she comes from! The plot does pick up a lot around the 40% mark so I would suggest giving the book an honest chance until that point! There are some really beautiful shining moments within and I had several different highlighted quotes. With these things being said the book is quite lovely and I fell in love with the main character, Alissandra. There is a lot of room for Ali to grow into a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to seeing that happen in the next book! SPOILERS AHEAD A note about the Prince: I don’t like him! Sorry! Just can’t get behind that ship but you know what? The one I REALLY love? Kennan! His inner struggle is very relatable and I most definitely wanted him and Ali to end up together! I’m still rooting for him and keeping my fingers crossed that he’s not out of the game. I found him so much more agreeable than his brother and I am very much looking forward to his roll in the next book. Other notable things: I was SO happy that the author included Ali having her first period! Honestly as a woman the VERY first thing I thought of when she discovered her new body was:When is her first period going to happen? It may sound strange but authors including these sort of things in books is important. It adds a dose of reality into a book of fantasy which helps readers connect to the characters more. And man did it. I felt so much for Ali discovering what a period is, being horrified she had to keep doing it month after month. That was my reaction too Ali, I feel you girl, I really do. Favorite Scene: Midsummer Night Feast! Hands down the best moments in the book! It was a moment that I felt the reader finally got a good idea of the culture and traditions of the new world Ali has (literally) fallen into! And the fact that the Prince was being a poo face and my sweet Kennan was showing Ali around definitely did not hurt. Yes, I loved that entire thing. Summary: This book is for you if you are seeking a light romance fantasy read that includes magic, action, some sexy time and self discovery!

  37. Georgia McNabb

    I purchased and listened to this on Audible books. Wow! I was surprised by how some reviewers disliked this Story. Our MC a Sandmaiden gives up her Immortality to be away from a Power Hungery abusive father and to be with the dream being she has been assigned since before his birth. She has also developed strong feelings for this Dream being named Kovis. While Kovis and Kennan dealt with their father, after he lost his wife In childbirth delivering the twins and became abusive. The Twins try to protect their sister from continuous Parental sexual abuse. This is the background of this story and goes forward from there. Narrator does a good job with the characters and storyline.

  38. Marilyn Smith

    This is a wonderful story of the sandman but she’s a woman. Ali is a story person and likes Kovis but he’s not sure. The storyline was interesting and intriguing and the characters were developed. I can’t wait to see what the next book will be. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

  39. NYToy

    What an interestingly-Enthralling novel. I was feeling stressed and decided to relax with a good book and Bam! I saw that the Author was offering this free through a third party site, so I figured that I would give it a try. Well folks I was sucked right in. I hunkered down and began reading, then I was swept away to a new world and was finished before I knew it. I am def going to check out more….

  40. Kindle Customer

    Lullaby was an interesting reading, but unfortunately the author’s originality intermingled with a few cliches especially in the construction of the main characters’s relationship, as well as in the case of the external conflict.
    In some sections of the book the pace seemed to be too fast, a fact that resulted in a Mary Sue type of protagonist. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

  41. Nuala

    Lullaby starts off with a bang! It has a great intro that catches your attention immediately.It took me awhile to get used to the authors writing style but it was worth getting through to the end. It was fun getting to know each character, the author does really well at describing them. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next book. This is a great book if you are looking for a book that is set in a world you have never been too.

  42. Stephanie S

    I loved this story. I think the concept of dream realm and wake realm is a fresh take on fantasy novels. The story had a bit of a slow start, but the information was necessary as the novel progressed. The finale was AMAZING! The romance in it was subtle through most of the book, but intensified at the end. I can’t wait to read the next book!

  43. Amanda B Steele

    Lullaby is a book that catches your attention like a whip cracking because of it’s gorgeous cover. The idea of Sandman and Sandmaiden’s was different and exciting. I’m intrigued when it comes to dreams, and how our minds process the emotions and events in our everyday lives. The story starts out in an exciting action sequence grabbing your attention and drawing you in. We learn things as the MC learns them and it’s fun to figure out the puzzles as she does. Ali is a beautiful character who loves deeply and is loyal to a fault. These characters are 3 dimensional and we watch them grow and mature with each new chapter. The magic system was so much fun to read about. It’s multi-layered and exciting. If you enjoy romance with your fantasy read, this is the book for you. I’m more than eager for book 2!

  44. Richard L. Weatherly

    Lullaby opens on an emotionally and physically charged setting. Alissandra who readers with soon identify with as simply Ali, abruptly finds herself in the bedroom of Kovis Altairn the crown prince of Altairn Empire. Until this time Ali has lived as an immortal Sand Maiden controlling dreams of her charges but she has been compelled to give up immortality to become a mortal because of terrifying abuse by her father. LRW Lee inserts the reader into a richly developed fantasy where the main characters, Ali and Kovis, share an unbreakable bond, a bond so great they read the thoughts of one another. In the opening hours of mortality Ali finds herself surrounded by uncertainty. Kovis is in extreme pain and Kovis’s guards are startled by her presence. The Altarin Empire is facing a revolt and Ali’s unannounced presence leads to a harsh interrogation. For a time, Ali faces uncertainty. Her captors are convinced she is the cause of Prince Kovis’s pain. It will take time for Ali and Kovis to develop the bond they share but eventually it will become clear that both she and Kovis are imbued unimaginable powers to control the environment they live in. Lullaby guides the reader on an emotional journey filled with hopes and dreams along with fears and danger as well. This may be LRW Lee’s best work so far. It develops into not only a fantasy action adventure but a mature love story. Lee gives a fantasy world a sense of profound realism. It’s easy to be drawn into the lives of characters. Much is at stake. Threats against Kovis’s empire abound. Will Kovis and Ali have what it takes to survive a rebel threat? Will their relationship develop into more than a psychic bond? You’ll have to obtain a copy of Lullaby to learn the answer. Get ready for an exciting ride.

  45. wls

    This is the type of book where your not really enjoying the book but you keep reading it anyway. I am so glad I did. The more into the book I got, the more I enjoyed it. Hope you have pleasant dreams after reading this book. After all, you now know where your dreams evolved from. Book 2 sounds even more interesting.

  46. Kindle Customer

    I was lucky enough to be chosen to read this from the Advanced Reader Copy. I received it Wednesday lunch time and by Thursday evening I was telling the author that I had run out of book to read! It’s rare for me to read a book so quickly on the first pass but L.R.W. Lee’s characters are so well written that I wanted to know what was going to happen next. And I still do even after finishing the novel. I can’t wait for book two. The main character is Ali (Allisandra) who we find has managed to stumble in to Prince Kovis’ bedroom in the middle of the night. Only no guards have seen her, there is no attempt of a break in and she is as confused as everyone else as to how she ended up there. This first book follows Ali’s journey into Wake realm, making new friends in the palace whilst still protecting her charge and doing her duty as a Sand Maiden. Even though her father is looking for her and is a threat to the entire realm. Kovis and his twin find themselves equally enamoured and annoyed with Ali throughout the novel as she finds out all about the realm and what makes her body tick. She has new magicks to try to master and then the council force her to take part in a battle for her life. What more can we ask for? Action, Adventure and Intrigue with a romance that builds towards the end 🙂 I can’t wait to find out more and read Rock-A-Bye Baby.

  47. Vicki Martins

    A really great read! I was drawn into this world of dream and fascinated to the last page. I look forward to reading the sequel.

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