Rock-A-Bye Baby Just Launched!!

Very early this morning, a new book baby arrived in the world. Please join me in welcoming her! Vital Statistics: Name: Rock-A-Bye Baby, Prequel in The Sand Maiden series Length: 240 pages (aka 9″) Weight: 15 oz. Proud parent: Author L. R. W. Lee Proud older sister: Lullaby, Book One in The Sand Maiden series Rock-A-Bye Baby is available at: Amazon Google Play You can also order … Continue reading Rock-A-Bye Baby Just Launched!!

Rock-A-Bye Baby Cover Reveal

I showed you the preliminary artwork Charlie Bowater is doing for the cover of Rock-A-Bye Baby, prequel of The Sand Maiden series, but she finished it and we have a stunning result. Again! Oh be still my ever lovin’ heart! Is Ali gorgeous or what???? The ebook is available for pre-order: Amazon Google Play Pre-order autographed paperbacks at my website: Winds Blowing. Boughs Breaking. A … Continue reading Rock-A-Bye Baby Cover Reveal

May I Present…The Cover!

Charlie Bowater did it again with this original artwork and I am thrilled! Synopsis: You’ve heard of the Sand Man. Meet his counterpart, the Sand Maiden. When a king of Dream Realm sets his sights on conquering Wake Realm, Prince Kovis and Ali must team up to battle forces beyond anything either could have imagined. But Kovis knows nothing about Dream Realm, let alone his Sand … Continue reading May I Present…The Cover!

The Cover’s Getting There!

Is this beautiful or what? It’s a portion of Charlie Bowater’s latest update of my cover for Lullaby, The Sand Maiden, Book One. Until this version, I’d seen only black and white sketches, but Charlie has added some color with this one and…oh, be still my heart… And just wait until you see the whole thing. The background… This cover’s going to be epic!! Also, … Continue reading The Cover’s Getting There!