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She’s a dream weaver at odds with her king. The prince is a broken royal unable to love. Can they survive a celestial nightmare?

Dreamweaver Alissandra refuses to let her powerful father enslave her Wake-realm charges. Forced by the formidable god to choose a side, she sacrifices her immortality and materializes in the bedroom of Prince Kovis, stark naked. But severed from their magical dream-connection and suspected of being a spy, Alissandra is swiftly thrown in the dungeon.

With rebellion brewing in Prince Kovis’s kingdom and the unexpected appearance of an alluring woman, his sudden insomnia threatens to drive him mad. So when his undeniable bond with the stranger becomes clear, the troubled ruler may have no choice but to open his wounded heart.

Can Alissandra and Kovis unite their hearts to preserve humankind from an almighty darkness?

Lullaby is the first book in the enthralling Sand Maiden paranormal romance series. If you like destined lovers, potent sorcery, and unique retellings of ancient myths, then you’ll adore L. R. W. Lee’s breathtaking and steamy tale.

Why readers’ are raving about The Sand Maiden series:
It’s a refreshingly new fantasy book concept outside the usual witches, warlocks, fairies, vampires, werewolves, and mermaids.
It’s a unique and original fusion of the Sandman and Morpheus myths, we all grew up with.
Its unpredictable twists leave you breathless!

“Lee’s story telling is wonderful and she creates such a vivid world that you wish was real.” – Kiersten Burke, Reviewer ★★★★★

“Fantastically inspiring and emotionally driven… it packs a pretty punch. It’s fast-paced and unpredictable twists leave you breathless” – Courtney Belaire, Reviewer ★★★★★