"I compare you to my all time favorite authors, whose every book I have read: Catherine Cookson and Jodie Picoult. Yes, your style, and subject matter, and audiences are not the same, but for my sense of enjoyment? I’ll add you gladly to my list along with the likes of David Baldacci, Stephen King, John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks, etc who have also given me hours of enjoyment, each in *their* own style." - Carol E., Avid Reader

USA Today Bestselling author LRW Lee writes genre bending fantasy romance stories that address difficult topics relevant to readers in real life. While targeting YA, heavier topics and intricate world-building appeal strongly to adult fantasy readers.

She lives in scenic Austin, TX with her husband. Their two children have flown the coop.

Since age 8, she had wanted to write a book patterned after The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, her first and favorite childhood fantasy read. She started writing professionally in 2012 after selling the dot com company she co-founded.

With a new opportunity before her, she chose to pursue her passion, going deep in her creative side despite not knowing anything about publishing or having a degree in writing. She just started putting words on paper and 20 books later, she’s still coming up with amazing new fantasy worlds.


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I am in a committed relationship with the Almighty
I love panda bears and sloths
I can’t stand cockroaches – demon vermin!
I love all kinds of flowers, but especially the intricate and unusual
I love black and white photography (Ansel Adams pics) because of the play of light
I talk to myself and sometimes answer back
I stick my tongue out when concentrating hard
My pet peeve is dangling sentences
I love puns and laughing
My Achilles heel foods are bread pudding and quick breads (zucchini, banana, etc)
I’m a true introvert, self deprecating and hate the spotlight
I’m an avid fantasy romance reader
I am absolutely fascinated by language – creating a reality via words captivates me
I could sit and watch kinetic art for hours
Coffee – what more needs to be said???
My favorite song is Gabriel’s Oboe
I can’t write with any noise or music in the background or I get distracted
I am anal when it comes to writing implement – only a Pentel .5 mechanical pencil with HB lead or narrow tip Sharpies

I think that’s more than enough of my oddities lest I scare you away permanently 

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